Communication trends for 2023: Part 1

Communication trends for 2023: Part 1

With news of a new coronavirus variant making headlines, one can only hope that we will not go into a lockdown again.

However, I do believe that organisations are better prepared to deal with how they communicate with employees and other stakeholders. As a result of the pandemic, many people have now seamlessly integrated virtual platforms into their daily work environments.

A plethora of digital communication tools and systems have been introduced, to allow businesses to easily communicate and improve efficiency. Some of these tools have proven to increase several businesses’ bottomline.

In 2023, communicators and organisations can proactively improve their strategies by either improving or implementing the following trends:

1.Leveraging and fully comprehending influencer marketing.

This type of marketing is growing exponentially. According to influencer marketing hub, this form of marketing grew from US$1.7 billion, in 2016 to US$15 billion in 2022. If you were looking for a new career, you might just do well as an influencer.

Consumers have proven to trust endorsements from influencers, rather than company public relations and advertising campaigns. However, it is important to choose the right influencer for your brand. Don’t just measure them on the number of followers they have. Assess the quality of their followers. Profile the demographics of their followers. Monitor the engagements, sentiments, and tonality of the influencer posts, you want to engage.

Look at how they conduct themselves in their private life. Also be daring to find “new blood”, for a lack of better word. Ask your advertising agencies, to scout for new ambassadors or influencers, to give your brand a unique face and experience. Instagram, Youtube and Tiktok, are identified as the most preferred influencer marketing channels. If you have those platforms, as part of your communications strategy, its time to invest in influencer marketing to further grow your brand.

2.Mobile marketing is also gaining prominence.

Therefore, organisations, will be encouraged to design more user-friendly content that can be easily accessed via the mobile phone. QR codes are also gaining momentum. I see restaurants and other establishments incorporating this type of technology to access a generation that wants information quickly.

 3.Podcasts are also gaining momentum.

I am a great fan of Vusi Thembekwayo’s, VT podcasts. They saliently tell anecdotes and business principles that empower me to not just be a great businessperson, but a phenomenal human being too. I like podcasts because I can download them and listen to them while driving of doing my hair (which sometimes takes a whole day).

Next week I will continue to share some more trends. For now, pick one of the trends I shared, and try to apply it in your strategy this year. If you use any of the trends I have suggested, inbox me, and let me know whether they helped you or you need more information on how to start.

*Morna Ikosa is a Senior Corporate Communications and Brand Reputation Strategist, CPRP, MA, AKA Fixer. To connect, send her a shout-out at  or find her on LinkedIn. –

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